Monday August 22, 2005

There is either ANOTHER bat, or the SAME bat, still living in my back stairwell of my ghetto-ass apartment building.  It is so much hassle to move and so expensive, but at this point, I'm kinda considering it.

I saw this winged monstrosity while going downstairs to put my laundry in the dryer, and screamed my girly head off.  The caretaker dude was in the hallway and was terribly frightened by this; I was more frightened of the bat.  So HE opens the door to the stairs, but of course the bat has gone upwards/downstairs by then, so he says he can't really do anything.

I hate my slumlord.  Thankfully, Tara visits me tomorrow, and as she has a college degree in Freaky Outdoor Nature Things (a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife), I hope she will deal with this for me. 

Yitzak was very calming when she saw me crying on the couch and snuggled up close to my face to make me feel better.  Good kitty.  Sometimes I'm glad she's huge and fat so there is more Cat to make me feel better.


Monday August 1, 2005

8:20 a.m.:

hit the floor, taking Yitzak with me.

Listen to yelling and gunshots.

8:27 a.m.:  turn of alarm, curse self for sleeping in.

9:04 a.m.:  talk to pleasant policewoman at my door asking what I'd heard/seen.

9:26 a.m.:  call into the OG telling them that since my building is taped off by police tape, I may be late to work today.