Monday April 17, 2006

I’d say he took “safety first” to a whole new level, but there was no helmet involved

While making my usual trek down Franklin Avenue to the theater on Saturday night, I passed a dude biking westbound on the sidewalk. Now, I do reserve a great deal of hatred for bikers who choose sidewalk over street when there is no great threat to their safety forcing them up into pedestrians, but this guy caught my eye for another reason. First of all, he was riding a bitty bike- not a pocket-rocket motorcycle, but a small child’s one-speed bike. The bike couldn’t have stood more than 2 ½ feet tall, and the biker was fairly lanky, with his knees nearly hitting his chin as he pedaled. He was also wearing a bulletproof vest. Kevlar: the all-weather accessory!

In a somewhat related biking anecdote, on my way home from the theater on the following evening, on the same block of Franklin, I was nearly decapitated by a pedestrian. I was biking on the street, westbound, and some dude was walking east on the sidewalk next to me. Just as I come up to him, he throws out his arm and makes the “gun hand” and attendant “shooting noise” at my head. When I saw the arm coming my way, I swerved out into the road a bit, but I was more confused than anything. It really would’ve made more sense if he’d had an actual gun; the dude in the bulletproof vest would’ve been a great example of preparedness in that case.