Monday June 26, 2006

In college, when staggering back to the dorm after a party, I’d always bitch about the nocturnal birds chirping away at 4 a.m., sending screechy bird-sounds into my vodka-soaked brain. My common refrain was “what the fuck kind of bird is awake at 4 in the goddamn morning and why won’t it be quiet?!?”. Well, that same bird was perching in my courtyard this weekend and making awful, strangled-avian sounds, punctuated by frantic flappings against my bedroom window. I see now why people keep shotguns under their bed. Screw you, nature.


Wednesday June 21, 2006

I always hated physics class, but The Museum of Unworkable Devices is awesome.

When I had Claudia’s car for the week she was in L.A., there was a light-up sign before an exit saying “NB 35W closed at ____”. My immediate thought was “note bene: 35W closed” and that it was a shout-out to literature geeks. No, that meant NORTHBOUND 35W was closed. Oops.


Wednesday June 7, 2006

Minnesota Summer: When the Hookers Go Back Outside! Once the temperature hits a solid 65, the prostitutes come out of hibernation and stake out their street corners once again. I haven’t been actively soliciting their services, but it seems that lately I have a hooker sighting at least once a week. Franklin Ave from Nicollet to Clinton seems especially fruitful, though LaSalle Ave is catching up quickly.