Sunday October 15, 2006

oh. my. jesus.
I believe I have just made the paragon of deliciousness, a hazelnut cake with salty caramel frosting. Photo forthcoming.

Related: I have not eaten anything of nutritional value today. Peanut butter chips, bread pudding, bourbon, litchi jellies, Rogue smoke ale, cake batter, cake, frosting.


Saturday October 7, 2006

How Not to Decorate the Front Window of Your Video Store:
a large sign that says "ADULT VIDEOS FOR RENT" next to a promo sign for "Brother Bear". It took half a block for me to realize they were shilling for Disney and not, um, bears.


Tuesday October 3, 2006

I found out last week that my Monday night yoga instructor is getting a divorce from my Tuesday night yoga instructor. This brings up two problems for me: A- shouldn't two yoga teachers have the best marriage ever, what with the meditating and the peace and partner yoga and oh my god the tantric sex? B- do I have to choose sides like a high-school breakup? Can I still go to Monday class and then Tuesday class without sneaking around? Will they both work at the studio and just avoid eachother in the lobby? Awkward.