Tuesday February 20, 2007

girly things that have changed my life:
the MAC foundation brush.  I'm dewy now!  And fresh-faced!  Holy shit, this little (and expensive) sable brush is genius.  I'm using just one tiny dot of foundation now, and yet it looks fabulous.  There has to be some super high-tech secret hidden in this brush to explain its wonders.
Victoria's Secret "Secret Embrace" bras.  A goodly portion of their powers is probably because I have bras in the correct size now, rather than squooshing my breasts into something two sizes too small.  Even aside from getting a bra in the correct size is the utter kick-ass-ness of these bras:  they're ungodly smooth and free of tags and even I can't nip out through them, which is nothing short of miraculous.  I look happily stacked in the Scarlett Johanssen way (though I can't stand her, her breasts are quite nice) rather than a Jayne Mansfield way.  Yes, the name is lame ("sssh, don't tell!  it's a Top-Secret Tits Project!"), but they are comfy beyond belief and come in sexy but not tawdry lacy patterns.
I know, that was all a little Daily Candy of me, but truly, these two things have shocked me in their utility and awesomeness.  And yeah, they're pricey, but for once, worth it.
Also in the realm of ultra-girly (not UltraGrrl, which is another thing entirely):  Lace Tape, as seen on Design Boner.  And not just because I love the name of the site.  I want to have many, many things to put in small boxes just so I can seal it with pinup-worthy lacy tape.
As exciting as it is to do preliminary apartment-searching on Craigslist for possible grad school housing, each day I'm thinking of a new thing I'm going to miss about Mpls (other than people, obvs):
The Red Dragon, Liquor Lyle's, One Yoga, the Wedge, the downtown library, Everyday People, light rail to the airport, Solera happy hour, Caffetto, walking around Lake of the Isles and Calhoun, the Sea Salt eatery, the 112, Fifth Element, the Uptown theater, Kowalski's, Pazzobello flowers, the Walker, music & movies in Loring Park in the summer, cranberry-cream cheese wontons at Azia, 2-4-1's all day every day at Pancho Villa, the Jungle Theatre, Smoo & Emmo & Hartl's old house, Shuang Hur, Sonny's Ice Cream, Pizza Luce.....
wow, I'm going to keep going and get all nostalgic before I even actually move. 

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