Tuesday February 27, 2007

Why, oh why, do pretty things exist in my head by not in reality (when "reality" = shops within 5 miles of my house)?  I'm constantly getting obsessed by a shirt or pair of pants or jacket or pair of shoes that have popped into my brain, and that I must have now.  It's not as if I am designing unheard-of, wacky outfits- it's things like the greatest pair of jeans that will never exist, and a sexy yet downy winter coat, and the simple idea of a nice, tonal-striped t-shirt, and yet they never materialize to be purchased. 
The stripey t-shirt is my latest obsession:  I just want a moderately wide-striped t-shirt with grey & black (or even grey & navy!  or grey & blue!  I'm not picky!) stripes.  American Apparel, Forever 21, H&M, Macy's, Urban Outfitters, and the Gap have all come up short in my search.  I saw this lovely contender on Alternative Apparel, but it's a wholesale site and although I do love the look, I'm not quite ready to commit to a pallet of t-shirts.
Help a girl out if you've seen something like this in a store somewhere- I'm getting all twitchy with longing.

(and oh, those gorgeous kelly green snakeskin flats?  Seems they ONLY come in vapid seafoam green, and the gorgeous rich green in the NYMag photo is a fluke of lighting.  This I find after calling various shoe stores in Manhattan to track them down, Visa in hand.  Yes, I am pathetic.  I nearly shed a tear to learn that the pretty color is a figment of "artistic lighting".)

I've signed up to take the GRE on March 10th, and my preparation strategy is essentially "buy one study book, open it to the vocab page, skim, and then go make a cocktail and be distracted by the internets".  I'm rationalizing this by saying that only Yale's MFA portion of the dual degree requires the GRE, and that my shot of getting into Yale is nearly nil, even if I do get a perfect GRE score, so why waste time on studying that could otherwise be spent honing the mix of sweetened condensed milk to espresso in a Thai coffee?

Last weekend, I thought about driving to WI to visit Noah, but the Giant Fucking Snowstorm Prediction made me stay home.  This coming weekend, he's planning to drive to Mpls to see me (and we haven't seen eachother since Goddamn New Year's Day, btw)- so what's the top story on startribune.com?  "Another Big Winter Storm Predicted for Weekend".  Fuck that noise, Weather.  A girl needs to get laid.  Hey, I'm not shelling out for birth control pills each month for nothing, here.

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