Friday March 2, 2007

Wait, wait, wait a minute.  When I was at the U of M, classes weren't cancelled for ANYTHING.  9/11/01?  Go to class!  Sub-zero temperatures and blowing snow during finals, with no cross-campus buses running?  Sorry, you'll just have to walk the 1.5 miles at night, alone, across the arctic tundra (ah, memories, Emmo).  But yesterday, some pansy-ass administrator at the U decided to cancel classes because oh my, we're going to get 6" of snow today!  Heavens!  Four goddamn years of college for me without a single snow day, and then to compound the insult, CHIPOTLE CLOSED DUE TO SNOW.  Stand between me and my spicy chicken taco and you'll find me a very agitated D indeed.
We at the Southern Theater, however, are badasses.  One lousy snowstorm does not mean that suddenly performers are too fragile to dance, oh no.  The show went on as planned, and we were prepping for the Friday school matinee, when all the schools called to cancel their attendance "because we might be snowed in!".  Lame, lame, lame.  If I can walk to work at 9 a.m. this morning sans dogsled, you can get your ass to a theater to watch some amazing flamenco dancers with creepy masks.
Even Noah is proving his upper-midwestern hardiness, by driving in his teeny-tiny Toyota to Minneapolis tonight to see me.  Our love is stronger than snowstorms!  Stronger than the distance across Wisconsin!  I do wish our love had anti-lock brakes and power steering, though.
Twitty, girly moment of happiness:  last night one of the most beautiful, wonderful dancers I know, Jamie (remember:  dancer = hotness) commented on how svelte I appeared.  While I was eating m&m's.  Nothing is quite so ego-gratifying as to have someone whose job it is to work out all day every day- and look gorgeous doing it- call you "skinny".  I do believe I may have blushed (and then put down the next handful of m&m's).
Oh, I posted my quest for a nice tonal-stripe tee on Closet Therapy Forums, and despite making it clear that H&M, Urban, Forever 21, etc had come up barren, I'm getting replies like "god, I see those everywhere.  I can't believe you can't find one."  Uh, not helpful.  If you're finding it so easy to purchase this, how 'bout you just tell me WHERE YOU'RE BUYING IT?  I did get a dark green/light green one at Target for $12 this week, which is nice, but my holy grail is a grey/dark grey or a grey/navy one.  The search will continue.
And not that I have any cash, not at all- when you have to charge cat litter at Target due to insufficient funds in checking account, that's a bad sign- but I'm eyeing these metallic gold and silver Chucks with lust.  Is it necessary to own two pairs of metallic sneakers, especially at $10-$25 more expensive than plain Chucks?  No.  But they're so shiny!  Shiny!

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