Monday March 26, 2007

If you've ever been out with me, you know that my normal mode of consumption teeters between "indulgent" and "jesus christ!".  So, it came as a great shock to both myself and Noah to realize that even after a full week of his spring break, we had spent a total of $18.50 on going out to have fun.  How?  Well, luck mostly:  a gift certificate for two tix to the Jeune Lune on Saturday followed by the Azia late-night menu (using a $50 gift card from the boys at work), free bottled water from an overeager salesman (before he realized we weren't going to buy anything) and then a bridal shower on Sunday that involved Jenni telling Noah to eat some sandwiches and have a beer when he arrived to pick me up.  Our only expenses were $11 at Chino Latino for dinner plus a drink for Noah (the perks of eating dinner at 11 pm), $5 for chips and salsa on Friday night for nachos + Trivial Pursuit (thankfully, I had a full bottle of bourbon to mix with ginger ale), and a $2.50 beer at the Jeune Lune on Saturday.  Self-restraint!  Kind of!
We got a lot of good things done this week, because now we're at the point where we can discuss grad/law school & beyond plans without me bursting into tears, wailing "but what if I don't get in anywhere?", and actually think about where to live, when, and what sort of habitat we can afford in the future.  And it looks like, thanks to Milwaukee's insanely cheap rent and Noah's gorgeous 4br apartment, I'll be moving to Milwaukee for about two months this summer as a buffer between Mpls Life and Grad Student Life.  I have no great reason to stay in Mpls for those extra two months, when I could be luxuriating in proximity to Noah (and Smoo!), having a full storage room for all my crap, and paying $280 (aaaaah YES!)  per month in rent for a gorgeous brownstone.  I'd probably get a quick data entry gig in Milwaukee for that short period of time, and be able to save up just a little bit more than I could in Mpls, considering that my rent would be less than half, and my grocery bill would go way, way down when shopping and cooking for two (and splitting it) instead of just for me.  And Lake Michigan is right there, five block from Noah's place, to entice me to run and bike every day!
Plus, there are vintage stores in Milwaukee that I haven't shopped at yet.  And with the newfound appreciation of flesh as food, I will most likely be found at Jalisco every afternoon, tucking into a $2 fajita platter.

Amid all this fiscal responsibility, I saw this
Vita charity bracelet online today, and I think I've got to shell out the $44 as a happy-grad-student present to myself.  Wearing that plus the Allumonde ring and my Until There's A Cure bracelet, and I'm the picture of highly accessorized social consciousness!

(oooh, more pretties that I can't afford:  silk dress!) silk dress

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