Saturday March 24, 2007

You've heard of the tainted pet food scare, right?  Turns out it was motherfucking RAT POISON in the gravy.  Isn't there some sort of quality check that should've been done on pet food before it was approved for sale?  Something like:  uniform color, no dented cans, airtight seal, no foreign objects in food, will not kill animals.   I can understand it if you're not a huge fan of cat-blogging, but to stop the cat bloggers by poisoning their kitties is a rather extreme reaction.

All my (drinking) life, I've eschewed Bloody Marys.  I was convinced that the Bloody Mary was disgusting, and not something I'd ever want to consume, despite the involvement of my favorite things:  vodka and saltiness.  Well, this week Noah & I stopped in to the late-nite happy hour at Chino Latino, and they offer $3 Bloody Marys.  Noah, of course, happily orders one.  While ordering myself a big platter of beefy treats, I thought, hey, if I can learn to love meat again, what if I can learn to love the Bloody Mary?  I took a sip of Noah's drink, and holy hell, turns out I am a fan.  Bring on the spicy tomato juice and booze before noon!  I've got years and years of drinking to make up for!

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