Thursday March 22, 2007

oh. my. glossness!
I am in the throes of adoration for the most wonderful lipgloss ever:  Maybelline's Shiny-Licious gloss.  Yes, the name sucks.  It makes me think of vapid California blondes drinking Bacardi and Diet Coke poolside, but if these blondes were wearing this lipgloss?  It would make them more human.
I bought the "jam" color a few weeks ago on a Target whim, and my lips have not been bare since.  It's satisfyingly sticky and moisturizing, so I went back to buy their "cinnamon apple" color last night- it's definitely the first red lip gloss I've ever been able to apply without obsessively checking a mirror to see if the color has traversed my entire chin.  I'm converted to this stuff, which means it will be a one-season only product, and will be quietly discontinued before I can stock up for the lipgloss apocalypse.
Reasons that Noah is the best boyfriend ever:
when I come home from work all annoyed and crabby, his remedies are hot tea, backrub, and shoe shopping.  What straight boy would willingly go to the Mall of America for the sole purpose of watching a girl try on 3,007 pairs of shoes and not buy any of them?  (and I LOVE that all the shoe store workers give us that look like they have it figured out:  the best gay boy and his straight girl, finding her pretty footwear.)

I went and also tried on that strapless black dress that has been haunting my dreams- and wow, it was amazing.  And they had one left in my size, and it was perfect, and I walked away.  Without a fancy-ass place to wear it, I can't justify the $150... but I would totally buy it to wear for one fancy event, then dress it down around the neighborhood with a t-shirt underneath and flipflops.  A little bit of shopper's remorse on that one, for sure.  Maybe for Emmo & Chris' wedding?  Maybe if I find a wad of twenties stuffed in my pillow?

(For lunch today, I had a cheeseburger and a Diet Coke.  I'm now officially an american again, according to my boss.)

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