Tuesday March 6, 2007

I got paid today. 
However, I also did my March budget today (and oops, I might not have
gone to Trader Joe's last weekend if I'd done this budget in advance
like a good girl), and I'm going to be running a deficit this month. 
Shit.  And this just when I finally get my home wifi up and running,
the better to facilitate internet shopping!  Well, looking at the
internet wistfully, anyway.  If given a magical credit card with no
need to actually pay the bill, the following would be my lust objects
for spring:

KELLY GREEN LEATHERvs. tory burch reva

these "Kelly" shoes,
appropriately enough, in gorgeous kelly green.  They're not the sweet
fake-snake of the Jeffrey Campbells, but I just can't stomach the insipid mint green color.  And whee, they're a cooler color than the Tory Burches and for 1/3 the price!


to fulfill my need for snakeskin shoes, these Nine West flats

gold flat

and more Nine West, in a lovely gold leather flat to best approximate the gorgeous, bajillion-dollar Lanvins that I will never ever own.

metallic silver & gold Chucks

lace pump

lace-overlay pumps

(see!  mostly shoes that aren't obscenely expensive!  self-control!)


J Brand mid-rise bootcuts

yet another pair of Joe's Jeans "Muse"

and tailoring to bring in the waist
of my other jeans and work pants, which have gone from "slouchy" to
"clearly a size too large"


the elusive grey tonal-striped tee I covet

every other thing on the American Apparel website, including more long tanks, a skinny orange scarf, and stretchy dresses

a decent pair of sunglasses that
will not break upon contact with the floor (which means I'll probably
have to shell out for more than the $4.80 sunglasses at Heartbreaker)

more titacular bras, and then some sports bras for when it's best not to buttress cleavage up up and away

a trashy-fabulous cobalt blue vinyl handbag, clearly a one-season accessory, with bonus points if it resembles the Marc Jacobs Stam bag.


Estimated cost of my wishlist:  somewhere between $1,000 and WHAT IN GOD'S NAME DO YOU MEAN, MY DISCOVER CARD IS MAXED OUT?

Probability of actually purchasing any of these things:  vaguely possible (in the event that the IRS decides to give me back all the taxes I paid in, plus a little extra just for fun) to utterly delusional.

Probability of me going through my liquor cabinet before the month is through to dull the pain of a single-digit checking account balance:  medium-high.  Orange alert!

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