Wednesday March 14, 2007

My liver hurts:  I blame that on the bottle of champagne (Nicolas Feuillatte, I looooooove yoooooou...) and the surprise donation of an eight-course wine tasting with dinner last night.  I had planned for a single bottle of champagne to carry myself and Jen through dinner, thinking "well, it's a Tuesday night, and it's best not to stagger in to work drunk mid-week", but if you're my boss and you're going to keep filling my ever-growing assortment of wineglasses up with each course, I'm for sure going to smile pretty and drink up.
I cannot even begin to express the awesomeness that was the dinner we ate last night, except to say that now, "slow-poached pheasant with oyster mushrooms and foie gras" are magic words to me. 
Jen's reaction as the second course was being delivered:  "If I burst into tears during dinner, it's a good thing.  They're tears of joy."
My reaction to the squid ink ravioli filled with salt cod:  "Is it truly inappropriate to stand up and yell Holy shit this is good?"
My ass hurts:  I'm uncertain where the blame should fall for this ailment.  I'm fairly sure that it's a bruised tailbone, which has happened to me on at least one occasion in the recent past.  However, I cannot figure out how this bruising occurred.  No one dropped me from a great height, no one kicked me in sacrum, and I have not been involved in any anal-fisting orgies.  Have gnomes been smacking my ass in my sleep?  Ow, ow, ow.  This makes sitting awkward and painful, and last night during yoga class, I interrupted everyone's peaceful concentration in upward-facing boat pose by groaning "eeeeaaoooooouucccchh!" as my tailbone came into full contact with the floor.
Come to think of it, I'm never sure what causes these bruised tailbones.  Am I inadvertently falling down repeatedly, then blocking out the memory?  Ouch.
My pride hurts:  I got the official rejection from Madison this week for their MBA Arts Admin program.  Truthfully, my ego isn't wounded that badly, as I also got the official "you're in!" letter from the University of Cincinnati.  Getting rejected from Madison is disappointing, but not fatal- and according to Craigslist, rent in Cincinnati is hella cheap.

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