Wednesday March 28, 2007

Two things which reside in my fridge, each of which I love enough to snuggle:
Trader Joe's Bengal-Spiced Lentils.  This little dinner-in-box serves two and comes in an astronaut-reminiscent foil pouch to be boiled, then dumped onto some rice simmering away in the rice cooker.  I made this for dinner on Tuesday night, and it has set a new standard for dinners-in-boxes.  The sauce isn't oily or chunky, but creamy and rich and just spicy enough; the lentils are pleasantly chewy and perfectly cooked.  I could eat this stuff every night without complaint, and I believe it costs something like $3.29 per box.  Get thee to a Trader Joe's, already.
Also:  Hansen's Diet Ginger Ale.  I don't think I ever tasted ginger ale until my late teens, and now it's an obsession.  Yes, the Reed's Extra Ginger is the winner in ginger-spiciness and variety of flavors (mmmm, raspberry ginger ale!), but the Hansen's stuff is way, way cheaper, and comes in Diet.  That way, when mixing it with Maker's Mark, I can feel a little less guilty, and even a little virtuous. 
However, sugar-free Peeps?  Now that's just weird.  I don't trust this- what will you roll the smooshy marshmallow in, if not pastel sugar?  This won't stop me from buying lots of them, then slitting open the package to let them sit out for a few days to become pleasantly stale before they're ready to eat, but still, I'll feel sort of untoward doing it.  Like kissing an ex-boyfriend's brother.*
As I'll be leaving town in June (holy crap, to be in the same place as Noah?  for more than 48 hours?  Unheard of!) , I want to do a combination spring-cleaning and this-doesn't-fit-anymore and moving purge of closet contents, some furniture, etc.  I'd rather it go to someone I know than a random craigslister.  For more swanky things, I'll probably try to sell some things online first, then have the Free Room of Stuff.  So, if there's anything reasonable that you've coveted in my apartment, send me an email and I can save it for you.  (Bed?  Not for sale.  Kitchen table?  For sale/giving away!)
*I haven't actually made out with any exes' brothers, but a few years ago, I was at a hockey game in my hometown.  A couple rows down from our seats was a group of guys who looked familiar, but I wasn't able to place them.  After obsessing about this for a full period, I started checking out a particular blond boy.  "Hmmm", I think, "he's pretty hot.  I wonder if we knew eachother in high school?  Maybe he was a friend's boyfriend?  Did we hook up, because he IS cute."
Soon, the realization hits me:  shit.  He's an ex's younger brother, who used to share a room with the ex.  I have been groped in close proximity to this dude's bed, when said little dude was about twelve.  Awkward.

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