Friday April 13, 2007

You know all those slightly dusty containers of pasta, rice, trail mix, instant soup, and such that float right to the back of the cupboard immediately after purchase and always get pushed out of they way and never, ever eaten?  Well, I declared war on such a collection of random foodstuffs in my cupboard, and I am ready to declare victory.  I have managed to not go grocery shopping until all these things are used up:  the two bowls of instant udon soup, the 1/8 cup of rotini and 1/8 cup of fettuccine and 1/8 cup of tortellini and 2 lasagna noodles, the handful of raw cashews, the instant espresso, the 4 frozen hamburger buns, the can of stewed tomatoes, the ziploc bag of barley, the 3 frostbitten custard buns in the freezer.  My cupboard, as of this week, was cleaned out, save for one item.  McCann's Irish Oats vex me.  At some point in the last three years, I bought two giant canisters of these oats.  I think I made one serving before giving up:  they take about 45 min to cook, which is too long to wait for breakfast, and once cooked, they're just this bland, tasteless mush.  Even a cup of brown sugar could not make them palatable.  So, now I'm stuck with 30 oz. of oats that I've opened, tried, and rejected.  I feel badly just throwing them away:  if they're good enough for the Irish, goddamn it, they should be good enough for me, right?
Screw it, I'm throwing them away.  As long as they sit on my counter, eyeing me with displeasure, I'm going to feel guilty.
I got a "this will save my ass" check this week, thank god- otherwise the idea of grocery shopping would just have to wait until May.  And May is currently 16 days away, which is too long to go without things like milk, bacon (BACON!  YEAH!  oooh, Bacon Brittle!) and something resembling a vegetable.  Or multiple vegetables, if I'm feeling fancy.  And I think that just maybe, there will be enough left over in my newly-revived checking account to grab that pair of fake-snakeskin flats that I've been coveting.  And maybe the new Brother Ali record, too.  (Yes, I totally thought he was an African-American albino for seven years, only to read this article and figure out that no, he's just albino.  Still, being a Muslim albino, he's really got a lock on that niche.)
Shows to see:
"From the Ashes", Pangaea World Theater (KT!)
"Wreck" informal showing, the Barker (4/13 and 4/14, 8 pm, free- Jamie!)
"Or the White Whale", The Southern
I have a date on Saturday!  with Emily!  which is very exciting! 
(The girl moves from 1 block over to a not-even-very-far suburb, and now we're reduced to making date plans two weeks in advance.  Still, when said plans include giant platters of Szechuan Beef, I'll deal with it.)

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