Friday April 6, 2007

Should I go and shell out $12 for a movie ticket this weekend?  Probably not.  Will I spend Easter Sunday cackling with sadistic glee at "Grindhouse"?  Oh, most definitely.  What do I like more than moody, colorsaturated foreign movies?  Graphic sex, violence, and mercilessly Mamet-aping dialogue, that's what.  And amputee strippers with machine-gun legs!  And killer zombie hordes!  And a sadistic stuntman on a vendetta!  (I also have to remember to call my mom on her birthday, so it's probably best if I call her prior to seeing this movie, lest I start on my typical loop of "that was so fucking cool!  goddamn!".  She might not appreciate that sentiment.)
With the impending departure from Mpls, my brain is racing on the track of "ooh, I can get rid of that!"- things that I shoved into closets in years past now seem to leap out and beg "try to sell me on Craigslist!".  The parallel track then says "and once I sell all this crap, I can buy new stuff!"- like this super-cool Ikea table.  Well, it looks cool in the photo online, anyway.  I need to go visit it in person, but I'm not even as enamored of the dining tables at DWR and other such highbrow sites as I am of this one.  Maybe I can score a floor sample for a discount?
As a kid, I used to love eating the morning glory at the end of our driveway.  Perhaps due to my amateur pruning, the plant soon died, never to be replaced.  Now I learn that people have been chewing on morning glory seeds for hallucinogenic effect since, oh, forever ago.  Thanks, Slate, for telling me this twenty years too late.  I could've spent my whole childhood tripped out and playing with my illusory happy sparkly unicorn friends, if only I'd had the magic of Google and the knowledge of how to spell "common garden hallucinogens" at my fingertips in pre-K.  Maybe this early low-dose LSD experimentation is why I sometimes do hallucinate bright sparkles on flat surfaces.
(Seriously.  I sometimes think that things are glittering in a very glinty, gaudy way when they aren't.  It's not constant, but at least once every month or so I have a 10-second hallucination of this sort.  Less scary than seeing giant crabs or swarms of angry hornets, but still kind of unsettling.  Sparkly, but unsettling.)
Cause and effect of the day:  use left hand to pinch some red pepper flakes onto plate of pasta in right hand.  Eat pasta, forget about red pepper residue.  Rub left eye with left hand, curse the burning sensation and self.

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