Monday April 16, 2007

ooh, a new way that I can embarass myself!  Saturday night, post-dinner w Emmo, we went to her friend Jill's house for wine, theater-queen gossip, and board games.  The board game, unfortunately, involved a die that when rolled to the "microphone" side, means you've got to sing a snippet of a chosen song.  In a room chock-fucking-full of musical theater professionals, guess who rolled the nefarious microphone on every turn?  Sadly, yes.  The looks of abject horror on the other guests' face reinforced the awkwardness as I attempted "Su-Su-Sudio" (why oh why couldn't I have been given the "Smells Like Teen Spirit" card?  Angsty mumbling I can do, happy poppy nonsense I just can't pull off) and other 80's atrocities.  Also, this is after a bottle of wine, which means that my normally rather low (we'll call it sultry, thank you) voice morphed from Marlene Dietrich Murmur to Bea Arthur With a Head Cold Gargling Gravel.

After the deposit of a much-needed check last week, I went shopping and did a fair amount of breast-squeezing.  Yes, time for new bras:  while roaming the mall, I stopped by a very soothingly-lit, low-key women's sports store and started thinking about the very sad condition of my running bras.  The ones I bought on clearance at Sports Village in 1999.  Two cup sizes ago.  I bought a few high-tech wicking bras in the correct size, and wow, it's nice to have something that both stops my tits from falling out when in downward dog, and also doesn't leave an angry red band around my ribs.  Maybe I should buy things in accurate sizes more often.

There is no possible segue between that and the UV massacre today, sorry.  I felt like there was some sort of body-count ticker on MSN and the Times today at work:  every time I refreshed the page, the number of fatalities had risen.  Among all the other things that make me very uncomfortable about this occurence (such as, a mass shooting rampage) is the listing of other Notable Shootings in History.  I know that the news wires are just trying to add some context to the events, but reading things like:
Until Monday, the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history was in Killeen, Texas, in 1991, when George Hennard plowed his pickup truck into a Luby’s Cafeteria and shot 23 people to death, then himself.
The deadliest previous campus shooting in U.S. history took place in 1966 at the University of Texas, where Charles Whitman climbed to the 28th-floor observation deck of a clock tower and opened fire. He killed 16 people before he was gunned down by police."

makes me think of this as sort of a sick competitive sport.  Here's the newest high score, heavily armed and misanthropic kids:  beat this and gain eternal notoriety!  Until some other motherfucker with a death wish and a bunch of guns decides to top you, that is.

And p.s., couldn't Bush's statement NOT have included the phrase "the American people have a right to bear arms"?  Would it be too much to ask that just this once, could you please err on the side of keeping his cowboy boot out of his mouth?

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