Monday April 2, 2007

oz. of sugar-free Red Bull consumed while driving:  36
miles walked around Milwaukee:  4
times I checked my email:  0
miles driven:  700, more or less
times I accidentally took the Port of Milwaukee exit rather than the Lakeshore exit:  2
large circles driven around in:  2
enchiladas eaten at Jalisco:  3
times I heard that lame-ass Timbaland single played on the radio:  at least 10
state troopers in my lane on Sunday:  3
time at which Arby's in Eau Claire ran out of roast beef, depriving me of a nice welcome-back-to-meat French Dip sandwich:  8:00
trips to Trader Joe's:  2
hours I watched the Discovery Channel's "Expedition: Borneo!" show:  2
minutes it took to drive from my apartment to the WI border on Friday during rush hour:  64
times I applied lip balm, only to have Noah immediately kiss it off:  thousands
times I threatened to do a stealth cleaning of Noah's apartment before moving in for the summer:  6
God, I'm going to love being around him every day.  You know, like normal people with normal boyfriends.  I haven't been able to wake up next to him each morning with any sort of continuity for nearly three years now, so as much as I'm going to bemoan leaving Mpls for far-flung points, I'm indescribably excited to finally be in the same state! same city! as the boy.  For a couple months, at least.

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