Thursday May 3, 2007

On a whim, I stopped into Booksmart last night, and came out with four new books.  I was really tempted to add Zadie Smith's "On Beauty" to the stack, but I think I'll shell out for the hardcover version.  (btw, Booksmart has kick-ass sale prices:  30% off bestselling hardcovers, 20% off new paperback releases!  As much as I love Magers & Quinn down the street, it's always full-price there.)  The sale means that I'm finally going to get to read "Remainder", "Black Swan Green", and "What is the What" without incurring (more) massive library fines.  I think I'll have to go back and pick up another big stack soon- being open 'til midnight means I'll probably come in half-drunk from the Independent some night for impulse book-buying.
About five (?) years ago, Booksmart was on the corner of Hennepin & Lagoon, and one night while walking by, I freaked out at all the papered-over walls and plywood.  You can't take away the Booksmart!  It's too wonderful!  Thank god they were only moving 1/2 block down the street, not depriving me of post-cocktails booksluttery. 

As I was a dorky, uncoordinated, socially awkward child*, I spent most of my time sprawled across our dining room floor reading, or up in my treehouse with a giant stack of Vogue back issues from the library (they had a generous one-month checkout term).  I remember being transfixed by the photos of Kate Moss- she was my beauty idol while growing up. 
(Perhaps because I was gangly and bug-eyed?  I wasn't quite old enough to get the full societal implications of "heroin chic", but I knew that it looked different and awesome.) 
At the same time I was consumed by fashion magazines, I was also reading some of the things I consider formative:  "Dykes to Watch Out For", "In Stitches", the PETA magazine.... my rather conservative parents were horrified, I'm sure, but knew better than to let on.  Between the Edgar Allen Poe obsession and my adolescent poetry and the womyn-power pamphlets lying around my bed, I'm sure they went to sleep each night chanting "it's just a phase!  it's just a phase!".
*and everyone says "oh, I was such an lonely, awkward kid!", but c'mon, I remember elementary school:  the socially-skilled set definitely existed.  The ones with good hair and nice shoes, the ones who were smart but not obnoxious, the ones who won the 100-yard dash at Track & Field Day- if I ever see those (grown-up) kids and hear them claim all this childhood angst and awkwardness, I'm going to kick them in the shins.  You were not awkward, Buddy & Becky & Quinn & Nathan & Mindy:  you were the Third Grade Gods.  Don't co-opt my geekiness, goddamn it!

Unrelated to nerdiness, I made an amazing salad last night.  I had a leftover roasted beet, so I chopped it up with an apple, a head of endive, and a smattering of feta cheese.  That's like a week's worth of fruits and veggies in one meal!  And despite my occasional disagreement with Israel's foreign policy, I can wholeheartedly support the Israeli feta I found at the Wedge.  Israeli feta, Belgian endive, Wisconsin beets, Chilean apples:  I chowed down on a mini United Nations last night. 

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