Wednesday May 16, 2007

A friendly little reminder for my co-workers and the other random people who come into the office:  If I'm on the phone, clearly having an involved conversation with someone about, say, booking an event, stop fucking trying to talk to me while I'm on the phone.  I cannot pay attention to you with my right ear while doing my job with my left ear.
Shut the hell up and wait for me to finish the conversation, and don't get that annoyed/pouty/impatient look on your face while standing at my elbow.  And don't glare at me and stomp off like a spoiled toddler when you're unwilling to wait for my attentions. 
My Job:  booking parties that bring in lots of money. 
Not My Goddamn Job:  looking at whatever you're trying to wave into my line of vision.

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