Thursday June 7, 2007

For the Southern Belles goodbye gathering, I volunteered to make a chocolate something.  After much mental wringing of hands, I decided on a flourless-chocolate ginger cake with ginger whipped cream- except no recipes for chocolate-ginger cake that don't involve a loaf pan and an unsettling resemblance to fruitcake.  I went to epicurious.com and found this recipe, then tweaked it with a generous amount of shredded fresh ginger and some ginger snow (buy candied ginger, blend in food processor with a lot of sugar, eat with spoon), then dumped the rest of the ginger snow into some heavy whipping cream to make ginger whipped cream.  Does this indicate some thwarted pastry-school dreams of mine?  Why, yes!
{I'd never seriously considered myself a good cook or baker until college, when suddenly, given free rein over my own kitchen, I realized that dinner could be more than a pork chop burned on the grill and served with canned green beans.  (Mom, I love you, but your cooking skills kinda suck at times.)  Enter eggplant parmigana, caramel flan, sponge-cake cupcakes, yogurt & chutney salmon, miso green beans, lemon-rosewater cake, and many variations of "what the hell will I do with these odd leftover veggies?" stew.  After a couple years of experimenting, the idea of "maybe I should go to culinary school...." has worked it into my brain more than a few times.  Truthfully, I know I couldn't hack it as a pastry chef, but oh, it's fun to dream.}
And random thoughts from the CFDA Awards in NYC on Monday: 
Ashley Olson, looking good. 
Mary-Kate Olson, looking like she's going to bite the head off a bat because she's so goddamn hungry.
Anna Wintour looks like a bored teenager sitting in the back pew at church.
Diane von Furstenberg has morphed from a caricature of herself circa 1989 into a DVF Barbie.

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