Monday July 16, 2007

If I can't have constant Top Model reruns this summer (television?  really?  you have that here in Milwaukee?  I'm confused by all this technology!), the next best thing is apparently Their Becksness' "Coming to America".  Despite her shockingly emaciated limbs and heavy hand with the eyeliner, I kind of love Victoria Beckham.  Especially when she buys a blow-up doll to be her body double.
Also, I'm going to have to find a tv schedule somewhere around and figure out when the Tyra show is on, just to get my fix of "fierce"ness.  Rawr.

Things purchased over last weekend that shouldn't have been:

Skyline Chili dog
American Apparel dress(es)
teeny workout shorts
fried eggplant
caramel cone crunch ice cream
bourbon & soda

(or rather, to be able to wear the aforementioned dresses and ass-shorts with utter confidence, the nachos and the fried eggplant and the ice cream and the chili dog and the sugary icy delight are not doing me any favors.)

Cincy update:  apartment has been most likely found.  It's in the Roanoke (= cool grad student building), a gorgeously refinished studio w central heat and air and two ginormous closets and a decorative fireplace.  It also has a very ugly set of kitchen appliances, but for just over $400, I can deal with that.  Additionally, I've been assured that there are no bats.
I've applied for the apartment, and now just have to wait and see if the lease is approved (um, don't look at my checking account balance, please!) and then plan to load up all our worldly possessions into a rental truck once more, and make another seven-hour drive while neurotically checking on the security of the roll-door
of said truck.

Jobs obtained this week:  0
Long trips to both sets of parents' homes later this week, involving at least $100 of gas:  1
Credit cards used to pay for the above:  2

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