Monday July 2, 2007

Holy shit, I live in Milwaukee now.  I even got mail here today, so yes, it's official.  Welcome to America's Dairyland.

Things so far:  it is approximately 10 degrees (why isn't there a little degree symbol on the computer?  It's not as if temperature is a recent innovation!) cooler here than in Mpls, in no small part due to the proximity to Lake Michigan.  Four blocks from me is this gorgeous expanse of blueness, which has also taught me the lesson that it is damn hard to run on sand.  I went for a quick run the other morning, and while the trails treat me well, I only got about 40 yards down the beach before my quads started screaming "GET BACK ON THE GRASS, BITCH!", and I veered a sharp right back to where normal, un-masochistic people jog.

I am still unemployed.
I went to a half-dozen temp agencies today with my best smile on and my resume outstretched, so hopefully by next Monday I'll be employable by someone, somewhere.  If not, well, there's always Alterra!  (I refuse to try the Starbucks on the corner for employment, as the mandatory cult initiation turns me off.)

I've unpacked a bunch of things, and put the rest into the storage room, crossing my fingers that I won't have a sudden need for a crockpot until September.

Milwaukee tap water is nasty and gag-inducing; I will continue to be a princess about my Brita pitcher.

I lost my favorite pair of sunglasses (the lovely brown Marc Jacobs shades I splurged on, thinking "I won't lose expensive sunglasses!  I'll take good care of these, because they cost more than my jeans!") somewhere between the Wisconsin Dells and Noah's bedroom, and this causes my brain to cry.  Yes, I have three other pairs of sunglasses, but they're not the same. 

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