Sunday July 29, 2007

I'm fully aware that this is going to make me sound like a total twit, but:  I got to model this weekend, and it was the best thing to happen to me all month. 
Quick summary of how it went down:  I was window-shopping on Brady St. before meeting Smoo for lunch, and fell in love with a silk nightgown I could not afford or justify in any manner.  As I'm haggling with the shopgirl over possible extra discounts, I see the sign that says "model needed for Sat fashion show", and offer up my (admittedly meager) services.  Shopgirl is way more enthusiastic than I'd predicted, and offers the nightgown in trade. 
So, Saturday, I'm to head to the hair & makeup tent
at noon, get all, ahem, dolled up

(why did the awful makeup artist have to do my eyes in pink stripes?  why?!?),
and put on this gorgeous geisha-esque dress that unfortunately, I have no photos of, as the camera's battery died immediately after taking the surly I-hate-this-shitty-makeup photo. 

So, yes, my model dreams were satisfied by my 30-second turn on the catwalk (strut! pose! go right! pose! look fierce! go left! ignore the crazy guy at the end of the catwalk! strut! all done!), and it made me feel fucking awesome
And, even better for my ego, I got asked back to do it next year if I'm somehow in Milwaukee during the Brady Street Festival. 

I love that my plans for the weekend were modeling on Saturday, and then bacon-gorging on Sunday at Comet Cafe.  I lead a balanced life.

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