Tuesday July 24, 2007

You have seen the lookbook for the Libertine for Target line, yes?  You, like everyone else, want the side-printed tree t-shirt, I know.  Well, so do I. 
Perhaps I was spoiled, living in Minneapolis, where Targets are as prolific as Starbucks, and where every Target carries the GO: International line in its entirety.  A land where stopping by Target to pick up said tee
and perhaps the black crepe dress
is as mundane as buying toothpaste.

While at the parents', whose house is mere blocks from a rather large Target, I decide to stop by and grab a couple Libertine pieces.  Denied!  That particular Target doesn't carry ANY of the line. 
Then, while driving through the rest of Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin on the way back home, I decide that the Honda brakes every time an Interstate-convenient Target is spotted.  The Target in Omaha?  No Libertine.  Council Bluffs?  No.  Des Moines Target #1 and #2?  No luck.  Des Moines Super Target, the SIXTH Target store visited if you're keeping track, the one I almost drove by and just gave up on, finally did not disappoint.  Granted, the crepe dress wasn't in my size, but I mitigated my disappointment by convincing myself that it would be a foolish $40 purchase, and not necessarily grad-school-ready.  The t-shirt was finally, finally procured, albeit in XS.  It will stretch; I will force it to stretch. 

(Now, two days later, I'm completely second-guessing my decision to pass by the crepe dress.  Should I get it online before it's gone, even though it really is $40 I shouldn't spend on frivolous, lacy, lovely things?  Or should I hold out for something of higher quality and spend a bit more?  Or just shut up and go to Whole Foods for more eggs, already?)

Unlike the rest of America, I'd never seen the all-sex-offenders-all-the-time Dateline presentation of "To Catch a Predator".  (It does seem to be its own channel now- want to see pedophiles get busted on Tuesday at 4 pm?  OK!  3 am on Sunday?  Sure!  It's the 24-hour Predator-a-Thon!)  Unfortunately, the first time I saw this show air, I was sitting with Noah's parents in their living room. 
Awkward is:  the voiceover asking "r u into anal?" booming through the room while you avoid eye contact with your boyfriend's family at all costs.

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