Wednesday July 11, 2007

job interviews scheduled for this week:  8
job offers thus far:  0
get ON THAT, Milwaukee.  A girl needs pretty sundresses and sandals and beer and more cheese in the fridge, and being unemployed is not making that happen yet.

This weekend, Noah and I are driving to Cincinnati (which means I need that iTrip, now!) to look at apartments on Friday and Saturday afternoon, then on to Chicago for a day and a half of mucking around with Roubal, lying blissfully in the grass at Grant Park, and making too-frequent trips to Joy Yee for another round of the BEST BUBBLE TEA EVER.  (Seriously, if you're in Chicago, take the El to Chinatown and find Joy Yee in the strip mall.  The line will be down the street no matter what time you arrive, but omfg the red bean bubble tea is worth the wait.)

Things about Milwaukee and its attendant suburbs:  no one believes in street signs here.  While driving to an interview this morning and looking to turn left on Bluemound Road, I scanned all major intersections in vain looking for some sort of hidden signage.  There simply isn't any.  I had to call Noah for directions- again- and ask where the hell this major thoroughfare was concealed. 
Also, with all the tearing down of I-94, the exit numbers that Google Maps provide with directions tend not to exist any longer.  Once again, I was spit out at the Port of Milwaukee, searching for exit #1H.  Doesn't exist.  I took a long-ass detour though the South Side (and by "detour", I mean I was fucking lost) before seeing a bus that said "downtown" and simply following it for miles until I figured out where the hell I was.

First thing to do in Cincinnati:  buy a map of the city.

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