Wednesday July 25, 2007

Being that I am still currently unemployed, I get to spend hours every day perusing the delights of the internet.  This often involves a few hours of fashion blogs, which leads to shopping, which leads to me smacking my head onto my laptop to remind myself that I have no income at this time.
There are shoes, and they are practical, and they are adorable, and they are fifteen fucking dollars.  And when a girl is less-than-happy with the current state of affairs (getting lost all the goddamn time in a new city, not having a job, rapidly losing upper-arm strength due to lack of yoga studio, formerly pin-straight and rather sleek hair frizzing out unexplainably), few things are more therapeutic than planning new outfits around her new shoes.

As I already own satin flats in black and light silver, those same colors in patent leather (however shiny!) should really be purchased once they go on sale. 

So, my dilemma is:

Bronzebronzeor pewterpewteror gold?gold

And should I decide to spend $45 for the trio, what should I cut out of my life for a month:  booze, makeup, or books?

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