Friday August 17, 2007

The camera has died.  The tiny, chic, silvery, superflat camera used to document graffiti and cake and shoes was dropped from a moderate height onto asphalt, and did not make a full recovery.  In fact, the recovery was pretty much equivalent to a medically-induced coma with little change of regaining consciousness independently.
So, I mourn the loss of the pretty little Nikon, and browse longingly on amazon for its replacement. 
And then I look at my bill for fall classes, unpaid until my students loans are processed already get on that US Bank, and then I turn away from the screen to shed a single, tiny, unphotographed tear.

Speaking of loss and recovery, I still have not found my dearly loved, much-missed sunglasses.  Ebay has, however, found me some very enticing replacements.  The baby blue & red combo is totally not like me, but I find it very appealing.  Blue & red?  Classic tortoise?  Black & white mod?  Orange?  Please advise.
blue brown bw orange

I have this odd aversion to throwing out something that I bought and do not like.  For example, my old shampoo (Garnier, which is cheap and wonderful) was "formulated for normal hair". 
Yes, generally, my hair is normal.  Fine and thin, but generally normal and un-neurotic.  Then I move to Milwaukee, where it is ever-so-slightly more humid, and the hair begins to frizz.  Now, Garnier also makes a fine-hair-version of their anti-frizz shampoo/conditioner set, which would seem to be my solution. 
BUT!  I have 1/3 a bottle left of my current, frizz-making shampoo, and although the rational part of my brain reminds me that the whole jumbo bottle cost less than $3 and I'm throwing away less than the monetary equivalent of a US Weekly if I just chuck it and go for the frizz-and-fine-hair specific combo, I cannot make myself chuck it out.  I am compelled to use every last drop of the shampoo before I can let myself buy the new kind, and also compelled to sigh dramatically as I look at my hair in the mirror each day and remember its former, non-fuzzed-out state.

(and I am totally overprepared for future hair issues in Cincinnati, as I took it upon myself to look up the relative humidity for Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Cincinnati for comparison's sake.  I thought about putting these things in a spreadsheet, but then Noah stopped me before I began alphabetizing things again.)

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