Friday August 3, 2007

I've worked at Alterra for three days.  In that time, I've consumed half a dozen croissants, a fabulous cranberry-date bar, multiple brownies, a fruit tart, and a handful of truffles.
It is time to either stop with the croissants (why oh why did I decide to eat two croissants for lunch today after spending 20 minutes working four and a half pounds of butter into each batch of dough?), or start buying pants in larger sizes.  I believe that the former course of action will be cheaper.

I'm having what passes for an existential crisis in my vapid little life, which has been brought on by work and my lack of proper footwear for said job.  See, the bakery gig means standing for 8 hours at a stretch, while lifting trays of dough and working on a sometimes slippery floor.  I've been wearing an old pair of Pumas for this, but even with arch supports, my feet hurt like a bitch.  The under-$40 solution, I am told, is.... Crocs.  The "shoe" that makes my brain bleed.  The footwear that should only be worn by nurses and grandmas working in their gardens.  However, I know that if I continue to wear these running shoes to work, I'll fuck up my knees and back in new and unusual ways, due to the pain of standing.  So, I forced myself to look at Crocs tonight, and well, if you were to be forced to wear something so ugly, I think that one of the following is the lesser-of-the-evils option.  (I still hate Crocs.)
The Mary Jane:  ugh, backstraps and perforated detail.  *sigh*  They were kind of awesomely comfortable, though.

The ballet flat:  the least ugly of all the styles.  Less breathable, though, being made of essentially solid plasticine.

You know what scares me the most about these shoes?  Let me quote from a few raving amazon.com reviews.
I wear my mary janes every where, even church."
"I think the Mary Janes look a little more "respectable" than some of the other styles so I pair them with cute socks and wear them to work."
"Great shoe if you are pregnant!!"

Dear god.

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