Thursday August 16, 2007

Sweet christ, I miss my regular 5x weekly yoga classes.  During yoga?  Able to pick up and move moderately heavy things, also able to a handful of pushups.
Now, two months post-yoga studio subscription?  Yes, I have the upper-body strength of an emaciated kitten.  I tried to lift a 40 lb. bucket of molasses (well, I was making granola bars at work!) and failed miserably. 
Hello there, strapping young man, would you mind lifting this object (which is slightly heavier than my cat) for me, as I cannot accomplish it myself?

We're moving in fifteen days.  AAAIIIEEEEEEEEE!  Must pack boxes!  Change address!  Convince cat to go in carrier! 
Browse online for things for the new apartment that we can in no way afford! 
(as seen on ladylessons, who I have a total thing for.)

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