Tuesday August 14, 2007

I want a gaudy-fabulous cocktail pinky ring.  Is that so much to ask?

It seems that yes, it is, when one's pinky ring size is 4 1/2, a size generally reserved for children.  Ebay does have rings in that size, but they tend to feature teddy bears and cherubs. 
I'm thinking more:  ring and less: kr   *sigh*

Thanks, Grandma, for your super-easy peach pie recipe.  It is quick, pretty, and ohmygod the crust is so damn delicious I could eat it alone, with a fork, for every meal. 

The shoe-storage dilemma continues!  My current idea is to go to Ikea and buy a bookshelf like the Lack model, as well as four matching Lack shelves. 
(The shelves, inexplicably, are not the same width as the bookshelf, despite being the same line of products, which will necessitate using a bandsaw to make things fit.)
bookcase+shelf = solution?

If one 40" wide bookcase with four shelves can reasonably store sixteen pairs of shoes, and I add in an additional four shelves, I can get a good thirty-two pairs of shoes off the floor. 
However, I have more than thirty-two pairs of shoes, so I'll either have to do this to two bookcases (meaning a $378 set of shoe racks), or find a much, much cheaper bookcase and "replacement shelves" elsewhere.  And remember, this possible solution entails spending about $190 for one unit which will not hold all my footwear, plus shearing down the shelves to the proper width and drilling them into place.  And what I really want is not a giant vertical ad-hoc shoe rack, but a nice, horizontal storage system that ideally is no more than three feet high.

And then, what to do about storing boots?  I have four pairs of knee-high boots (um, currently.  I'm hoping to snag a pair of flat boots for fall, and you know I'll never snub a thrift-store pair of cowboy boots... so let's plan for six pairs of boots, just to be safe), which each need a shelf at least 11" wide and 23" high.  Ideally, Ikea would make a six-paned bookshelf 36" wide and 50" high to solve this problem, but they do not.  Bastards.

So, anyone know of a cheap custom cabinet maker that will build me the shoe rack of my dreams and desires?

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