Tuesday August 28, 2007

Went to Chicago yesterday for pre-moving shopping:  rather than the gorgeous, $129 mirror from CB2 that I'd lusted over online, I spied a conglomeration of sticky square mirrors at Ikea for $2 each that require no special hanging, and which ended up being about 1/5 the price of the CB2 mirror for sixteen 12x12" squares.
I'm so excited to have a full-length mirror in our new apartment, as never in my life have I had one.  Never ever.  I used to stand on the edge of the tub and lean over to get a 3/4 length glimpse of what I was wearing, and now, for the first time, I'll be able to check and see if what I'm wearing in public might actually match.  Whee!

My pretty, rather shiny Honda Civic has acquired several scratches and nicks over the past three months.  The Car Owner part of my brain (a part of my brain that still makes me rather uncomfortable- what in god's name am I doing, owning a car?) was upset that a very new car now bears a deep scratch on the front right fender and assorted nicks along the back bumper, but the Rational part of my brain says "eh, it's what happens when you park on the street and drive in the city."  Those car owners with an attached three-car garage and parking ramp membership and regular trips to the car waxer are exempt from these sorts of hassles, I suppose, but I just see it as an inevitable part of driving in the city.  Would it really be reasonable to assume that over the course of four parallel-parks per day on busy streets and frequent freeway trips (complete with careening pebbles and such), my Civic would sustain no cosmetic damage?  Not really, and as long as no major scratches or dents occur, I'm pretty happy to tease Noah by threatening to "fix" these nicks with pewter-colored nail polish.  You should see how offended he looks when I offer to touch up the car with Orly's "Quicksilver".

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