Friday September 28, 2007

One of the things I pride myself on is my ability to learn and achieve a basic level of competency at new skill rather quickly.  Haircutting?  check.  Interior painting?  check.  Database creation?  check.
Parallel parking, however, is my b
ête noire.  Thus far, approximately seven classmates have carpooled to events in our Civic, and all were exposed to my laughable parallel parking skills.  It does not help that I have seriously warped depth perception and had never needed to learn parallel parking until, say, four months ago.  It also does not help that I have zero confidence in my ability to parallel park with any sort of adequacy.  As I descibed it last night, my parallel parking skills are the rough equivalent to those of a slighly drunken sixteen-year-old in a stolen truck with no power steering.  At best, I might reach the level of said hypothetical drunken sixteen-year-old parking a minivan.  I have more confidence in the ability of my cat to walk a tightrope than I have in my own ability to fit into a smallish space on the street.

So, in advance, be warned.  If you at any point in the next year or so are a passenger in my car, please remember to build in an extra seven minutes into our transit time to give me the opportunity to inch forward and back into a largeish parallel spot and spend interminable amounts of time trying not to just stop my car in the middle of the street and give up.

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