Monday September 17, 2007

In Minneapolis, the Planned Parenthood (aka cheapest gyno within 5 miles of my apartment) did not do abortions at their clinic.  The St. Paul one did, but I don't remember seeing pickets there, or perhaps the protestors stuck to a strict 10 a.m.-1 p.m. MWF picketing schedule, or something.
In Cincinnati, I tried to get the local Planned Parenthood to get my records and just give me my freakin' cheap birth control already, but I had to walk down there the other afternoon to do so.  As I'm still learning the city, I wasn't exactly sure that I was going the correct direction on Auburn, until I saw the bloody fetus signs.  And the old man holding balloons with a gigantic "ABORTION KILLS BABIES" placard.  And the ever-classy pen-and-ink crying toddler cartoons, saying "mommy, why did you kill me?".
Yup, I was on the correct block.

Today, I stopped into the CVS to fill said cheap birth control prescription.  The pharmacist tells me that it will take about 15 minutes, so I take my time browsing various trashy magazines, then grab my happy uterus pills and go home.
Then I notice the label affixed to my prescription bag.

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