Sunday September 2, 2007

oh. my. god.

This is what our apartment looks like.


Moving Timeline (or, What I Did Over What Should Be Labor Day Vacation)

Friday:  arrived in Cincinnati at 6:00 pm, freaked out because I couldn't figure out how to get in the front door, called another grad student to find out, proceeded to unload 80% of the rental truck until 11:30 pm.  Small break for Indian takeout, which may have been the only thing that prevented me from passing out on the stairs.  (Yay, Ambar!  I have feeling I will eat much of your lamb curry in the future.)  Attempt to shower, realize that the shower drain does not so much "drain" as "spurt all the water directly onto the bathroom floor because it is not connected to anything".

Saturday:  wake up early due to the intense sunbeam positioned across our bed (wow, east-facing windows will wake you up EARLY.), illegally park the rental truck once more and spend three hours unloading the rest of our possessions.  Fill entire studio with boxes of stuff.
Spend all day attempting to wade through stuff.  Freak out because I can't find my trenchcoats.  (Trenchcoats materialize at 1:00 a.m. last night.)
Find plumber to fix shower.  Treat him as the second coming of christ due to his ability to facilitate my first shower in three and a half days.

Sunday:  realize we need MORE crap.  Go to Wal-Mart.  Mutter curses under my breath the entire time, because Wal-Mart is where bad people go to get in my way.  Find Trader Joe's, come home with lots of booze.  Drink sparkling sake all afternoon.
Go out to find the Sunday Times, get angry when no one in my neighborhood sells it.  Plot ways to acquire Times each Sunday that don't involve driving to a suburban Barnes & Noble.

Drink more sake.

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