Thursday September 13, 2007

today included more incompetence (pointless errands that left me driving for about 2 hours, getting lost, not getting anything done, etc.) and frustration, but I am happy to report that after FOUR GODDAMN HOURS at the Apple Genius Bar (ha ha, "genius" my ass), one of the five! guys attempting to fix my fucking macbook finally decided that a new hard drive was in order.
No, not an iPod hard drive.  A new macbook hard drive.  Huh.  Thank god for warranty.
And thank god that there's a Godiva store conveniently located next to the Apple store out at Kenwood Towne Centre.  (god, that mall name makes the baby jesus cry.) 
I'm not a huge fan of "commercially-made" truffles after having made my own, and because I'm super-pretentious like that, but I needed chocolate and faux-decadence and damned if Godiva wasn't right there for me.

I have very specific tastes, by the way, and it pisses me off when I cannot accomodate those in a new city.  Such as: I love my Burt's Bees herbal deodorant, but none of the hippie groceries/stores carry it in Cincy, so I'm forced to order online and pay shipping.  Bastards.
Also, I bought a perfect notebook at Paper Source in Minneapolis years ago, and cannot find it again.  (thanks, Paper Source, for not having it on your website.  super.)  I replaced it with a Moleskine, which I hate- you can't tear out paper without screwing up the binding, and the spine has totally flaked away.  The perfect one was a silver-edged Bindewerk pocket notebook, and to buy one, I would have to spend $23 plus international shipping on some website entirely in Dutch.
And do you know how many Hallmark stores come up when you search "stationery" on Cincinnati Citysearch?  Argh.

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