Wednesday September 5, 2007

Ultra-lacquered hardwood floor = enhanced visibility of every damn little bit of ephemera we've ever dropped.  And the cat hair, oh god the cat hair.
However, after getting the pretty and rather eco-friendly Method floor cleaning kit at Target, I kind of do not mind sweeping and mopping up every day.  In fact, I'm rather obsessed with it right now (probably because I have nothing but free time at the moment), and the lemon-ginger floor cleaner smells like something I want to mix with champagne and guzzle. 
Is it too weird that my current obsession is a reusable mop?  (yes.) 
Is this a sign that my mother's raging OCD in relation to the floors is suddenly appearing in me?  (yes.) 
Do I need to leave the house today?  (yes.)

Gaaaaah, I'm so disappointed that "Atonement" is now a movie.  With Kiera Knightly playing Cecilia, it's guaranteed to get oodles of publicity, and I'll feel like a tool while I cart my book around, insisting "but I bought the book because I love Ian McEwan, not because it's a movie now!".  I prefer my lovely British writers unadulterated, thank you very much.

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