Friday October 26, 2007

I could probably put together much more interesting choices in my life (wardrobe, breakfast items, conversational topics gleaned from the morning paper) if only I'd wake up earlier.  After twenty-five years of having to be physically roused from bed if the clock has not yet hit 1 pm, I'm fairly certain that the magical ability to use the morning productively will never occur in my life. 

Operation Stop Dressing Like an Undergrad for Thursday (day of Stats midterm, day of much fretting and cramming and perhaps passing the damn test):

Definitely concered with the comfy factor here:  comfy red wedge boots, comfy jeans (ehr, so comfy that the waistband kept slipping down over my hips.  Oops, propriety.), snuggly grey long-sleeved t-shirt, and deceptively adult looking blazer that is actually made out of cozy fleece. 
The possible I'm-going-to-the-midterm-but-still-look-good factor was completely neutralized by my giant black messenger bag full of useless statistics notes, though.

Today:  woke up and immediately went back to bed after consuming a handful of painkillers.  I have never woken up with a headache (mini-migraine) that has laid me flat out at 8 am before, but it seems that there's a first time for all ailments.  (I have been battling some severe headache demons this month, which is highly unusual for a girl who has, prior to this, generally suffered through only one minor headache every six weeks or so.  My guess is brain tumor.  If I can ever get an appointment with the UC Health Center, I will let them prove me wrong about the tumor if it might include a heavy-duty sedative prescription.)

Well, aside from all that, I did eventually have to get dressed.  Much like Thursday, in the volume-on-the-bottom / cropped jacket on top:

Black cap-toe mary janes, charcoal wide-legged pants, long black tshirt, mustard cropped jackette.  Generally worn with giant sunglasses this afternoon to stop the sunshine from entering my delicate brain.

(also:  I suck at doing mirror photographs.  And this super low-end Sanyo isn't doing me any favors.  Need pretty shiny camera.)

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