Saturday October 6, 2007

You know what soothes the lingering effects of one too many drinks?  Trashy tv.
I'm newly obsessed with a brain-meltingly vapid show (Gossip Girl) and thank god that full episodes are available online.  I would be tempted to buy a tv just for the purpose of Wednesday nights:  Top Model plus Gossip Girl.  This is how bad-good this show is:  in the 40-minute pilot, we get attempted suicide, alcoholism, class war, a shiny paillette dress, 90s math rock, attempted date rape, a fistfight, and Shannon Doherty v. 2.0 and her perfect, perfect lipstick.  This could convince me to do high school over again just for the catfights. 
And yes, I am fully aware of how pathetic this all is, but OMG LOOK PRETTY DRESSES ON THE T-V.

Despite my vaguely hungover morning, we went to the Findlay Farmers' Market today, and it may have singlehandedly convinced me that Cincinnati is a worthy place to settle (temporarily).  The Asian grocery yielded some esoteric Japanese condiments that I'd scoured Minneapolis for without success, and the Italian deli sells Nutella sandwich cookies.  NUTELLA.  PLUS COOKIES.  The meat vendors seem to disregard normal, jacked-up pricing standards and just figure that your steak is $5/lb and sure, we'll trim that for you.  And the cream puffs.  Oh, lord, the cream puffs.  I must always try to wear my smallest jeans to the Findlay Market, otherwise I will inhale the entire puffy, sugary tray of pastry goodness. 

With money I don't have, I'm debating:  hot wedge boots (on sale!  $135! down from $180! this makes it a deal.... right?) vs. the faux-leather leggings which I tried on and was totally converted by (but is the hotness that I will probably only wear for a year worth $40?) vs. the iPod shuffle ($80).  My current (old, comparatively bulky) iPod works perfectly fine, but the shuffle is so tiny and so light, and I like to think that it would make me go running more often. 
The leggings = half a shuffle.  Two shuffles = new boots.   Is this rhetoric designed specifically to justify the purchase of things I don't really need?  Yes.  Does this make me want red shiny wedge boots any less?  Of course not.

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