Sunday October 21, 2007

The other day I turned to Noah and complained that I felt like I had regressed to 2001 with my clothing choices.  Same slightly-too-baggy jeans from sophomore year, same faded and boxy black t-shirt, same black tennis shoes. 
This dissatisfaction begat a new project:  Operation Stop Dressing Like I'm An Undergrad.

Exhibit A:
new knee-high 3" wedge red patent-leather boots.  Worn to work with a black canvas sailor-buttoned skirt and black long-sleeved tshirt.  (Neither of which photographed well, so I cropped just for the shoes.)  These boots made me four new friends, one of which was a random woman crossing the street in a slightly sketchy neighborhood rather late at night who came up to ask where I got them. 
N.B.: red patent-leather knee-high boots might not be the greatest wardrobe choice when one is standing on an unsavory street corner at 11 pm, waiting for one's ride home from work.

Now, it's one thing to step the wardrobe up a bit for work.  Quite another to wake up late on a Sunday and scamper to an emergency Statistics study group meeting.  Normally, my default outfit would be jeans, Chucks, and a plain t-shirt.  But today, with
Operation Stop Dressing Like I'm An Undergrad in mind, I tried to make an effort to differentiate myself from the 19-year-old hungover hordes.

Exhibit B:
Violet cowl-neck tunic dress over skinny jeans with gold peep-toe flats.  Still extra-comfy, still practical for the uphill walk to campus, but less "I just woke up and haven't done laundry in three weeks" and more "I look better than I should at 10 am".

We'll see if this project holds up later this week, when my brain will be consumed by the impending Statistics midterm and my desperate need not only to pass, but to get an A for the class.

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