Sunday October 28, 2007

I swear, I did not mean to go out and buy another pair of shoes.  It's just, well, I was walking to the bar on Thursday night post-midterms, and I passed by this vintage store, and my friends weren't at the bar yet, and... there were these brown patent-leather button-closure mary janes in a size 9 narrow, and you can never find a 9 narrow anymore.  I walked away without the shoes on Thursday, because I thought I could live without them. 

I was wrong.  They kept boucing around in my brain all day on Friday, and yesterday, en route to pick up a half gallon of milk, I took a little detour to the Mustard Seed boutique.  There were the shoes, all shiny and on sale, and hey, they perfectly matched what I was wearing that day!  I ended up purchasing both the carton of milk and the shoes.
(the scuffiness on the left strap is barely visible in person, because you are already blinded by their awesomeness.)

Operation Stop Dressing Like an Undergrad for Saturday became:

 orange & white vintage headscarf
 long brown hoodie tunic sweater
 jeans that are sliiiiightly too small if I over-indulge, to remind me that I do not need the entire bag of Doritos in addition to a sandwich for lunch
 awesome vintage mary janes (Arabella)
 + lots of cat hair, courtesy Yitzak

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