Wednesday October 10, 2007

I walked into Macy's last week (October 5th, if you're keeping score), and all the holiday decor was up.  No, not over-accessorized skeletons and witches swaddled in cashmere scarves- the christmas decor.  Big, gaudy christmas tree ornaments, and glittery red signs proclaiming "Macy's for the Holidays!" or some shit.  IT WAS EARLY OCTOBER.  I know people who still haven't throught about their Halloween costumes at this point.  And Macy's is all "don't you need to start shopping for late December right now?"  No, Macy's, I don't.  And PS, your store brands suck balls.  The Marshall Field's store brands were fabulous (oh, how I miss the giant stacks of Gene Meyer cashmere sweaters!), and yours are simply tacky and generic. 

Post- Contemporary Arts Center internship on Tuesday, I had a meeting with the director of Know Theatre.  Naturally, I put down all the Know info in my phone, and then left the phone sitting on my desk at home that morning.  This leads to me walking about Over-the-Rhine that afternoon, completely lost, and more worried about being late for this meeting than disturbed by the police-taped-off block and witness interviews to what I surmise was an altercation involving a knife and some dude on the receiving end of that knife.  Do I care about the vaguely hostile looks I'm getting on the street?  Not as much as I care about the possibility of being late.  Priorities.
I did get offered a development internship + box office position with Know, which will help lessen my pangs of missing the boxie life.  And, as there's a stipend attached to this gig, the job will help provide me with the needlessly sexy wedge boots I've been stalking online for a few weeks now.  So: red patent leather, which will really only go with black or grey things, or black patent leather, which will take my grand total of black knee-high boots to four pairs, but will match pretty much everything I own?

On with the slut-esque clothing:  I did buy those faux-leather leggings from American Apparel.  I got them home and was less convinced that they are a necessity, but I will take a proper photo of me in them and put them up for debate.

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