Wednesday October 17, 2007

I would claim that I've been sick as hell for the past five days, except I was more achy/weak/congested/runny/exhausted, and that might mean I was miserable as hell for the past five days, but doesn't mean that I wasn't going to class + internship.  I can feel the restorative power of a good workout and a grilled cheese sandwich seeping into my body, however, so it appears that things will be back to normal soon.

Hey, what's a bitch when you're sick? 
Going to the doctor at 9 a.m. for an unrelated ailment.  Monday morning, I gave up three extra hours of sleep to schlep my bedraggled self to campus for my annual gyno exam.  The UC ladydoctor was nice and all, but I'd really rather not chat about your children and my internship while her hand was up in the uteral area.  Just put your hand in my cooch and get it over with- this is not a first date, you do not have to make idle chatter before getting me to take off my pants.  I came here to take off my pants, and I would like to put them back on very soon, because the things poking me are cold and awkward.
She did discuss Gardasil, the wonder vaccine, with me, and I was all ready to sign up for it.  (Gardasil, btw, is as close to a cancer vaccine as the world has yet come.  It prevents cervical cancer, cervical lesions, and some other lesion-y things that could befall a vagina.  It's a three-shot series, and to fall within their eligible age range, I'd have to start the series no longer than seven months from today.)
Until she mentioned that the vaccine is not covered by insurance.  And that EACH SHOT costs about $140, plus the cost of the office visit.
Rationally, I know that getting cancer costs far more than $500.  And that I have every single risk factor checked off in a neat little row, so no one is more a perfect candidate for Gardasil than me.
But:  I'm living on student loans, and the cost of the shots alone is more than my rent.  It would take the length of my entire grad school career plus six months or so to be able to save up $420 by cutting out trips to Starbucks and Graeter's.  I do have pretty clothes budgeted into these loans, so yes, I could stop buying shiny shoes and take care of my health.  And should.  But- $500ish for something I hope I will never need?  Argh. 
And hey, UC Insurance Provider:  WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM, NOT COVERING A PREVENTATIVE VACCINE FOR CANCER?  Obviously, no one on your advisory committee has ever been near a uterus. 

PS:  ok, Bush, we get it.  You hate women, science, logic, and now birth control.  Seriously, if my uterus is causing YOU more discomfort than it's currently providing ME (thanks, cramps!), you can have it.  I'm not using it anyhow.

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