Wednesday October 3, 2007

I cannot explain my sudden change of heart towards an old enemy.  For reasons unknown, and despite my prior protestations ("if you can remember wearing it the first time*, you should not wear a trend** a second time!"), I kind of really, really want a pair of leather or leather-like leggings.

I do realize that if I purchase them, I will not look one bit like Julia Restoin Roitfeld:
jrr leggings
(in a ultra-hot shot for Paper magazine)

but I will also remind myself to wear a top, thus preventing this porn-tastic look.
matte black leggings

I did not quite have the courage of my convictions today (plus, I just scarfed half a family-sized bag of Trader Joe's spicy thai cashews, and that will do me no dressing-room favors) to get up to American Apparel and try them on. 
The above pair is "matte black", but "black eel" is also an option.  A super-shiny option, I assume.  I do fear that there may be a crotchally-awkward front seam on the AA pair, creating a pair of quasi-pants that say both "I should not have eaten that dozen cupcakes" and "CAMELTOE HERE".

*the first time:  elementary school, when I hated jeans and refused to wear any pants that were not either sweats or leggings.  Man, I was so ahead of those Jersey Shore strippers on this.
**the second time: high school.  A friend (who was a few sizes larger than me) went to Europe and came back with pleather pants.  The waist was far too large, and the legs were simultaneously too baggy and too short, but I did not care.  These were EUROPE PANTS, and I had to borrow them and strut/flail through the KHS halls in my PVC fabulousness.  Thank god no one took any photos of me wearing those cheap-ass pleather jeans.

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