Wednesday October 31, 2007

I would refer to this as a link dump, except it's not so much "dumping" as skimming the top layer of useless information off the top of my brain so I can squeeze some much-needed but little-wanted Statisical Analysis knowledge in there before the fucking risk analysis project is due on Thursday.
And after class on Thursday, what will I be doing?  That's right, forgetting everything I've learned in the past six weeks, because our prof won't be a bastard and make the final cumulative, will he?  Will he?

So:  NYT, get over your trendy selves.  Va-jay-jay?  Lame.  All the cool kids are calling it a cuntaroo.  Or an axe wound. 

Also from Sunday's Times:  I cannot believe that in real life, someone who presumably manages to make decisions each day that prevent them from getting hit by a bus/ electrocuted by their hair dryer/ deported could possibly think that saying something as asinine as
“Obama sounds too much like Osama. When he says his name, I am like, ‘I am not voting for a Muslim!’ ”  in front of a reporter with a tape recorder will not somehow, somewhere, be a bad idea.  Thanks, Kayla Nickel(Yes, I linked that.  You're dumb enough to say something like that AND have your home contact information publicly available via Google?  You can't possibly be surprised if you start to get angry letters.)
My faith in the possibility of intelligent life within the lower midwest may have just been destroyed.

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