Friday November 9, 2007

Our apartment building has a mini-gym of sorts in the basement.  It's super-convenient, except that mostly, when I get home at the end of my day, I do not feel like putting on a sports bra and clomping downstairs to spend quality time with the elliptical machine.

I did not feel motivated, that is, until I realized that the workout room has a tv positioned in front of the treadmill.  And on tv, one can find Law & Order SVU, CSI NY, and other gory programs of delight. 

If it's 10 pm, you can find me jogging my little heart out, engrossed in this week's serial killer stories.  Which is a little counterproductive, really, since the basement is kind of creepy and then I freak out a little about being the person in this week's L&O to find the dead body splayed across the basement window.

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