Monday November 19, 2007

At 9:45 this morning, with a 1:00 presentation looming, Courtney and I decided that adding a video in to the powerpoint could not be that hard, right?

At 11:00 this morning, we realized that neither of us has ever used Final Cut Pro.

At 11:45 this morning, I managed to edit and insert a video clipette into our presentation.

At 12:00, the video clipette plays perfectly in the Mac lab.

And at 1:15, the video steadfastly refuses to play mid-presentation, despite having worked a mere seventy-five minutes prior, on a Mac, in the same building.

Then a lectern came crashing down on my right shin, and I cursed really loudly to divert everyone's attention from the Great Video Failure of 2007.

We'd so best get an 'A'.

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