Sunday November 25, 2007

Five... more... days...

Although last year's effort at NaBloPoMo did generate a few things that I'd consider worthwhile (generally aided by lots of coffee and free time at work "composing emails" / writing that day's entry on the sly), this year seems to be a plodding series of thirty useless, barely strung-together sentences of no real value.  Be prepared for more of the same in the next five days, as it's definitely past time for a creative breakthrough.

Good Intentions Fail at Mile Two:
I've started running with a little bit of effort once again.  It's saddening and frustrating at this point, because when I hit that second mile or that first small hill, my body starts whining "noooooo, this is too haaaaaard!" and my breath control goes all wonky and my ankles start to hurt a bit and too often, I just slow down to a walk.  Ok, I know I haven't run with any regularity since about 2002, and that I hit my running peak in 2000/2001, but:  from someone who once wound down after a day at work with a five-mile run along the Mississippi and who looked forward to the seven-and-a-half mile weekend runs, this sucks.  And this frustrates me, and the anticipation of my frustration makes me want to not run, which is a lovely self-defeating loop.  Maybe new running shoes could be the incentive I need to get out of the apartment and take a loop around the park before class a few times a week?

There's a reason that the box of chocolatey calcium chews warns against eating more than four each day.  An uncomfortable, unable-to-poop reason.

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