Thursday November 1, 2007

Happy NaBloPoMo, bitches. 

I believe that tonight, midterm grades for Stats will be announced.  In order to deal with this, I felt it necessary to bring out the lam
é pants.  Yes, I know they're leggings, but if I keep calling them 'pants', I'll feel better about wearing them to a three-hour math lecture tonight.

SANY0093  SANY0095
(I don't know how the photo on the right got all washed out and angsty.  I'm not that emo, I swear.)

Black bubble-dress hoodie (thanks for the Mike & Chris knockoff, Old Navy!), long black v-neck tshirt, black lam
é leggings, black patent flats.

Clean and shiny floors courtesy Noah, who I convinced to clean.  Score.

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