Thursday November 15, 2007

Last night, between getting flour all over myself and "homework"/gossip at Courtney's, I bitched to her that my Cardigan Quest was thwarted.  Not a single crewneck cardigan in the world for me, I moaned!
Not one to admit shopping defeat, Courtney then brought up the Old Navy website to prove to me that yes, there are lovely button-up sweaters out there, just waiting for me.  Also, the Gap has heard my plea and sold me this cardigan today (it is cropped, but not obnoxiously so, and especially for layering, this could turn out to be a good idea).  Old Navy provided me a black v-neck ribbed cardigan, which I wish were navy blue, but I supposed navy isn't much more of a "real color" than black is.  At least I'm wearing more grey this fall:  baby steps, friends.

Motherfucking deliciousness:

cranberryum          cipollini_recipe
I plan to make both a bastard version of this cranberry Martha tart (bastardized with ginger and nutmeg over cinnamon, as cinnamon and I are mortal enemies), and Lucques' cipollini and blue cheese tart for Thanksgiving.  And nothing else.  Pastry adventures, ahoy!

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