Thursday November 29, 2007

S.D.L.A.U. for today:
SANY0138 SANY0139
Bronze flats, skinny jeans, long baby-blue tank, grey v-neck, new navy blue cardigan, necklace made of a bunch of old earrings I looped onto a turquoise necklace I never wore.

Random:  the crying needs to stop.  Right fucking now.  I have never been a box of hormones, but the birth control pill I'm on right now seems to put an exorbitant amount of estrogen into my system, as I've started weeping at nothing lately.
Kay Jewelry commercials on the treadmill make me tear up.
Hell, I even got misty over NPR's revisted commentary of A FOOTBALL GAME, for chrissakes.  I swear, this week I'll probably see a little kid trip on the sidewalk and burst into wails.  I would like my dry, cold, empty tear ducts back, please.

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